Why train with natalie?

This isn't an ordinary workout. 

Every program I design for my clients is individualized to what their unique body needs, and helps achieve measurable progress during every phase of training.

Through my volunteer work in physical therapy offices and my Corrective Exercise Specialization, I have an extensive and compassionate understanding of what benefits different bodies with different abilities. 

I truly care for and connect with each of my clients, and my goal is to provide an exceptional experience that increases your quality of life.

You're not working out just for a physical transformation; you're working out to have a life filled with movement, health, love, and happiness, and I'm honored to be a part of that!


Personal Training Sessions

Sessions are 50 minutes long and sold in 4 week-12 week packages.

Sessions are designed to be interesting, challenging, and fun for you.  I want you to learn how to move safely so you can feel confident exercising on your own.  I'll show you warm-ups, great exercises, how to use equipment, foam-rolling and stretching techniques, and teach you as much as I can.

Each program I create is personalized for you, with homework tailored to be something doable and complementary to our training phase. 

Optional Nutritional Programming created on individual basis at hourly rate.