You Are Capable of Incredible Things

I am focused on igniting confidence and self worth into every person I meet through personal training, fitness, and nutrition.  Recognizing what our bodies are capable of goes beyond numbers and measurements.  Together we will not just get you to your fitness goal, but we will make you stronger and more beautiful inside and out. 

"Natalie not only helped me lose 30ish pounds, she helped me get into the best shape of my life. I now have the confidence, drive and commitment needed to improve myself for me." - Megan G.

"As a fitness professional myself it was devastating to not be able to move and deal with as many injuries as I had but, I knew I was in great hands with Natalie!  Not only is my back now totally healed but I am seeing huge gains in my strength, my imbalances are getting better and I hit my body fat goal!  My abs are peeking thru again! I am happy with how I look but am THRILLED with how I feel... and thats the important part!" - Karri Mae B.

"I started training with Natalie when I broke my foot. It was hard to find someone who'd take me on. I was an athlete, and concerned with muscle atrophy, recovery, and mental sanity. Natalie was amazing with creating out of the box workouts for me to try that addressed the muscles around the break, without risking injury. Her positive attitude also did wonders for my sanity :). Not only did I have a super-fast recovery, but I gained muscle mass and learned proper form training with her. She's a life saver, and anyone would be lucky to train with her." - Lindsey S.

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I train at Diakadi Body, a beautiful fitness facility located in the SoMa neighborhood of San Francisco at Division & 10th St.

290 Division St

San Francisco, CA 94103

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Monday-Friday 8am-8:30pm Personal Training @ Diakadi Body

March 4th, 2017: FREE Lorna Jane Bootcamp at Union St, Link TBD

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