Testimonials from My Wonderful Clients

"I had expected a lot from training with Natalie, and she has exceeded my every expectation" - Lia N.

"As a fitness professional myself it was devastating to not be able to move and deal with as many injuries as I had but, I knew I was in great hands with Natalie!  Not only is my back now totally healed* but I am seeing huge gains in my strength, my imbalances are getting better and I hit my body fat goal!  My abs are peeking thru again!  Yay! I am happy with how I look but am THRILLED with how I feel... and thats the important part!" - Karri B.

"Natalie not only helped me lose 30ish pounds*, she helped me get into the best shape of my life. I now have the confidence, drive and commitment needed to improve myself for me." - Megan G.

"Natalie is amazing to work with. I started training with her after a bad injury that left me unable to run a mile. Within a few months, she started correcting my muscle imbalances and had me back to my training. I managed to complete 40 of the 60+ miles of my 100k within 6 months*." - Sarah H.

"Seeing results just reminds me that this process is worth it.  Natalie, you have been the most valuable part of this program, hands down!!!" -Nicole F.

"I enlisted Natalie's help a few months ago, in order to get me in the best shape leading up to my wedding.  She has been INCREDIBLE to work with.  I make significant improvements EVERY SINGLE week* with her.  Her energy and genuine enthusiasm for her job keep me excited to get my butt kicked during each of our sessions" - Kyra W.

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*Indicates that results were solely based on an individual experience and can not be guaranteed.  Clients' results vary based on number of training sessions and workouts per week, participation in nutrition programs, and unique skills.

"I broke my ankle some years ago, and turned up laid up for some time.  The doctor predicted that it would take me 3 or 4 months before I could get back to myself again.  With regular training sessions with Natalie, I was back on my feet within four weeks*." - Armen N.