Instagram Photo A Day Challenge!

It's a new season which means a new Instagram challenge!  Tag @barbellblondie in your comments section and follow me to get your pictures featured on my page!  

Match up the day of the month with the topic for the day and post your most creative picture:

1) Stretch

2) Squash

3) An exercise beginning with "T"

4) Workout with a friend or Family member

5) Pumpkin

6) Soup

7) Run

8) Red

9) Cartwheel

10) Legs

11) Vegetables

12) Healthy Carbs

13) An exercise beginning with "C"


15) Being healthy at a social event

16) Sports Day - Anything sports or team related

17) Single Leg Squat

18) Core

19) Apple

20) Conquer!  That food or exercise you love to hate!

21) Goal for December

22) Bake

23) New - a new healthy food or exercise you've never tried before

24) Outdoor Workout

25) Favorite Workout Outfit

26) Healthy Snack

27) Turkey

28) Healthy Black Friday

29) Proud - what accomplishment are you proud of?

30) Your choice!  Anything fitness related!