Chocolate Protein Pancakes

These are my new favorite way to start my weekend.  It sure beats eating a huge fatty greasy brunch after waiting for a table for 30 minutes, and still feels like your starting your morning off with a celebration. 

·         1 cup egg whites

·         1 scoop of your choice of flavored protein powder

·         3 tbsp PB2

·         2 packets of Stevia Sweetener

·         Glaze: ½ cup greek yogurt, 1 scoop of coconut or vanilla flavored Whey Protein

Mix the first 4 ingredients into a bowl gradually so that you can whisk them all together evenly.  Spoon onto a nonstick pan (I like to use PAM so they don’t stick).  Cook for approximately 2 minutes until the top side starts to solidify, then flip over for another 30 seconds or so.  For the glaze, just mix the yogurt and protein powder together.  Layer the glaze in between each pancake and then top liberally with the leftover.  Makes 2 servings worth of pancakes for you and your Fitness BAE.