Natalie Carey

Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach.  Body Positive Author.  Champagne Enthusiast.

Meet Natalie

Oh hi!  I’m Natalie, and I believe that fitness can help you reach your goals and gain confidence, improve your health and quality of life, and make you feel like the best version of you. 

I’m a personal trainer and nutrition coach and I think great exercise, healthy food, and a body positive environment can lead to awesome things in life.  And I like champagne, because that ALSO leads to awesome things!

What I Do

I usually work with women in their 30’s who want to get in better, healthier shape.  I take on clients with minimal to intermediate fitness experience, or those who need a little extra motivation and accountability. 

My training sessions will teach you a large range of smart, fun, and functional exercises and leave you feeling thrilled with how you feel.  I want you to make progress physically and mentally towards achieving the goals you’ve set yourself.