I empower women to feel confident, strong and beautiful through fitness.

Through movement, energy, and exercise, together we can redirect away from the emphasis on having perfect body, looking a certain way, and weighing a specific number.  Instead, my personal training and coaching sessions focus on discovering what bodies are capable of, creating strength and quality exercise, and recognizing personal value and potential. 

I am an advocate of fitness, positive body confidence, and healthy eating to transform our perception of ourselves. 

I specialize in training women who want to feel good about themselves. 

If you struggle to feel like you’re enough, or feel like you work so much harder than everyone but never look the way you want, or if you want to feel more confident and beautiful, welcome to my tribe.

Your sessions will leave you feeling strong, positive, and self-assured.  You’re not just going to work out your body, you’ll also boost your feelings of self-worth and increase your ability to recognize how amazing you are. 

You’re going to feel beautiful. 

Positive Word of the Week:


Use the word "clarity" to help you define where you are currently at, and where you want to be at the end of this day, week, month, or year. 
Instead of attempting to do a 100 things at once and do them all well, clarify what the one thing is that you need to be focused on RIGHT NOW to get where you're going.  Just do that one thing.  Focusing on the one big important thing will give you clarity on what matters and what doesn't. 

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Hear about what it's like to train with Natalie Carey, a 5-Star Yelp Personal Trainer and Pole Sport Organization's National Bronze Artistic Champion.